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Zimmer: Basic Income Scheme Set to Decrease Labour Force and Increase Debt

What exactly is Bill S-233? What is a guaranteed level of basic income and why is it damaging to the Canadian economy? These are questions resounding throughout Canada right now.

Introduced to the Senate by Independent Senator Kim Pate in December of last year, and currently in its second reading in the Senate, Bill S-233 would give anyone above the age of 17 who qualifies access to the program; “this includes temporary workers, permanent residents, and refugee claimants.” There are no strings attached; you do not even need to be seeking education, training, or employment.

MP Bob Zimmer recently offered his thoughts on the legislation.

"The Parliamentary Budget Officer released a report in 2021 saying that the cost of this type of program would be a staggering $85 billion in 2021-2022; this is twice as much as our federal contribution to our health care system. With the inflation rate reaching 30-year highs, our economy under extreme pressure, and record high gas prices, we must implement policies that promote economic growth, rather than short-sighted policies that weaken the economy and only serve to increase our already substantial national debt. With the recent formation of an NDP-Liberal government, it is more important than ever that Canadians stand up for future generations and oppose bankrupting economic policy.

Bill S-233 encourages a much-needed entry level worker to stay home. When I was young, my first job was as a dishwasher; not only was this my entry into the workforce, but it also taught me how to work and the skills needed in the workplace and workforce – Each of my children have started working at an entry level job at a restaurant, gas station or local grocery store. We already have massive shortages in finding people to work these entry level positions, and this stands to only make the situation much worse.

At the end of the day, Canadians must ask themselves: Where is this money going to come from? And who will ultimately pay the price for these expensive policies? We must think of future generations of Canadians. If our children and grandchildren are to inherit a strong and prosperous economy, which has a wide array of employment opportunities, we must stand against the bankrupting policies of the NDP-Liberal government. Conservatives have continually called for economic policy that benefits Canadians now and in future, while the response of the NDP-Liberal government is simply to spend more money and disincentivize work in entry level positions.

The Bill is coming up for debate in the next couple of weeks, I challenge you to contact Liberal and Independent Senators who look like they are in support of it.

I am watching the Bill closely and am ready to vote against Bill S-233 if it passes through Senate and then makes its way to the House of Commons. "

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