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Yurdiga attacks Liberals on pipelines

MP for Fort McMurray-Cold Lake launched into the Liberals in the House of Commons this week, attacking them on their pipeline record and the upcoming Bill-C 10.

"Madame Speaker, energy security should be a concern for all Canadians. Distribution of Canadian energy through networks of pipelines is paramount to withstand shocks from a wide range of sources, like natural disasters, geopolitical disasters and other emerging threats. If energy distribution like Line 5 is potentially shut down, it will initiate shortages causing astronomical increases in the costs of everything.

The Liberal government's lack of understanding of the importance of ensuring reliable and cost-effective energy has put Canada at a huge disadvantage compared to other nations. As the Liberals continue to spin a narrative of our economic standing globally, it is only countered with the facts. Thanks to pending Bill C-10, the Liberals will be able to shut down what we can hear and see like North Korea. We were once a nation that embraced freedom of speech, but I guess that will be a footnote in history - if not censored by Bill C-10. "

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