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World Press Freedom: Canada has Worst Media Concentration out of 28 Developed Nations

Although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau states that journalistic freedom was “widely recognized and respected in Canada,” Barrie 360 still reports "worrying, examples of journalistic freedoms being infringed upon at home."

One such example was the Supreme Court of Canada ruling against VICE Canada and reporter Ben Makuch, siding with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s demand to access Makuch’s notes relating to a series of interviews he conducted with an alleged ISIS member in 2014. Another is the example of Justin Brake , who was charged for following an October 2016 protest at the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric site he covered. Federal authorities pressed charges against three members of the media in 2020.

Canada is currently 14th out of 180 countries ranked. Where Canada is most troubled is in media concentration. A "disturbingly small number of companies own nearly all the media," reports Barrie. According to Columbia University, Canada has some of the worst media concentration out of leading developed nations in the world . In such an age, independent media is becoming more important than ever to ensure unbiased reporting.

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