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WIPA has been a driving force for Alberta Independence

Paul Hinman interim leader of the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta has been travelling the province building support and growing membership.

Paul was in Drayton Valley speaking with local constituents in a small meeting that was Facebook live streamed. Hinman made it clear that Alberta needs to put their house in order

before holding a referendum to allow Albertans not politicians decide if they want a sovereign nation, which was followed up with a clapping ovation.

The strong sentiment from the residents in attendance was their loss civil liberties and getting their communities' economies back on track. Also mentioning how Rural Albertans are being forgotten about from the Kenney Government.

UCP has started the baby strides towards Independence

Mr Hinman mentioned the Premier has commissioned a study into a provincial police force but he should be giving the RCMP notice that we are doing it. The questions were pointed in their frustration with the UCP and how to get their attention. Hinman expounded on the problem of four years of government imposing their personal agenda to the detriment of the people and that if Jason really cares about the people of Alberta he would keep his promise and pass recall legislation. This would allow constituents the ability to remove their elected representative if they are not properly representing their best interest. Hinman states elected people should be accountable to the people they represent. Once every four years is not accountability that is a transfer of power.

Hinman assured them that with WIPA in power they would stand up for Alberta jobs, pipelines and against Ottawa. The failure for the Premier to allow Justin and his cabinet to delay TC Energy’s NGTL expansion line for another year and add onerous conditions is unacceptable and has delayed $3.6B in investment and 5500 hundred jobs. Hinman also mentioned that the pressure from WIPA and groups seeking independence have moved the UCP to announce that they are considering such things as our own police force, Alberta Revenue Agency and pension plan to name a few.

Hinman believes that the UCP Government has lost its way and conservative principles.It is not serving the best interest for Albertans.

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