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WE Scandal Coverage is now Trickling into the States, Meanwhile CDN Bail Out Media Remains Absent

WE Charity is now well known for its latest scandal involving the Trudeau family. As we all know Craig and Mark Kielburger paid Trudeau’s wife and mother to attend events as speakers and put them on their brochures as ambassadors for the charity. In turn they were awarded a government grant that Trudeau claimed he had no say in who received it.

Now it appears that the two brothers have had similar interactions in the states, specifically, surrounding their “We Day” events. These began in California in 2015 and were highly endorsed by then Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom. The day was set to empower youth and allow for various A-listers to speak and perform. Newsom was so involved in fact that he became co-chair and even sent out letters encouraging schools to take part in the WE Charity event. Both Newsom and his wife also spoke at a “We Day” event the same year as Mayor Sam Liccardo who, at the time, was the Mayor of San Jose.

Liccardo’s office had apparently stated that they have no record of an offer of payment from WE Charity. However, during an investigation it was found that just a couple weeks prior to Liccardo’s speech, Newsom made a request that Comcast donate $242,500 to the non profit charity. The year after the Kielburgers sent the Newsom’s $110 worth of baby gifts.

Since 2011 $490 million dollars has been raised for WE Charity and the public is told this money goes toward helping children across the globe with 90% of its profits going toward their public efforts and leaving only 10% for administration fees. Oprah herself even donated to this cause by donating enough money to build 100 schools around the globe.

Since then WE Charity claims they have built 1,500 schools and school rooms. Oddly enough the non-profit has not been able to provide a list or any sort of proof for these projects. They wouldn’t even divulge the information of where these locations are. This lack of transparency really makes one question where the donations are actually going. As far as how the money has been spent or is organized the answers are extremely vague. WE Charity simply brushes over the questions by reminding everyone of all the good they have supposedly done.

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