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'We accept everyone': Oakville restaurant refuses to check vaccine passport

A well-known Italian-restaurant in Oakville, Zucchinis Cucina, says it will admit customers who are not vaccinated, repudiating Doug Ford's COVID-19 passport system.

Over social media, the website wrote that "we accept every and anyone in our establishment," vaccinated or not.

"Hey Friends. Just want to remind you that we accept every (one) and anyone in our establishment. We are non discriminative in anyways (sex, age, gender, race, creed… etc.) and respect our fellow Canadians. Thank you all for the support. This is not about being anti-vaxx/pro-vaxx but indeed about being a patriot and citizen of our country," reads their Instagram post.

A sign outside the restaurant reads "We do not discriminate against any customer based on sex, gender, race, creed, age, vaccinated or unvaccinated. All customers who wish to patronize are welcome in our establishment."

Most commenters on social media have largely remained supportive of the controversial decision.

"Wonderful. A little more compassion, a little less division. My family and I will definitely be dining in your inclusive establishment," wrote one woman on Facebook.

Others, however, voiced complaint. "Your choice, but as an Oakville resident I’ll avoid your establishment. We need everyone to get vaccinated in order to beat this thing," wrote one man.

Businesses that do not comply with the vaccine certificate program face $1,000 fines or a penalty of up to $10 million, according to the Ontario government.

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