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Wayne Gretzky's Toronto restaurant to close tonight after three decades of business

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Wayne Gretzky’s famous Toronto restaurant is sadly set to close its doors tonight for the final time. A spokesperson for the restaurant confirmed the date last week, although it’s been known since last summer that an upcoming condoplex would push out the famous sports bar (and other nearby businesses) for good.

Two days ago, the restaurant’s Instagram page announced it would reduce everything on their menu to $5 until they close.

If you’re in the GTA, now’s your last opportunity to try the restaurant's famous bar fare for next-to-nothing—grab those pierogis (modelled on Gretsky’s grandmother’s old family recipe) while you still can.

"October 8 is a special day as it is Wayne’s father Walters birthday," stated marketing manager Natalie Bitove. "We thought it was the perfect day to say goodbye to 99 Blue Jays Way."

Heather Santsche, the restaurant’s general manager, told CBC that it’s a bittersweet occasion.

“It’s a fine line between melancholy and nostalgic because you go down that road and everyone’s laughing. And the next thing you know, everyone gets actually a little teary-eyed."

Wayne Gretzky’s first opened in 1993 and has been faithfully serving hockey fans in downtown Toronto for 27 years. It's a real shame to see it go.

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