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Voyager Station Space Hotel' Set To Open In 2027

No, we're not talking about the Voyager from Star Trek here, but this is nevertheless a 'final frontier' of sorts!

Plans for the first-ever hotel in space are to be overseen by the Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), a space construction company comprised of NASA veterans, which seeks to begin construction by 2026 and is supposed to open the following year, according to CNN Travel.

A rendering of the hotel restaurant.

"We're trying to make the public realize that this golden age of space travel is just around the corner. It's coming. It's coming fast," said company boss John Blincow. Other sources describe Voyager Station as being able to accommodate up to 280 guests; it will also include a restaurant, bar, and gym.

A rendering of the hotel gym.

The ring-shaped hotel will allegedly have artificial gravity by spinning like a Ferris wheel. The centrifugal force will simulate moon-like levels of gravity (so don't worry, you can still expect to float), Interesting Engineering said.

Visitors will reach the hotel via the SpaceX Starship shuttle. What's the price tag? $5 million for a three-day stay, says Travel + Leisure.

However, the company is hopeful costs will decrease to the point where it will cost the same amount as "a trip on a cruise or a trip to Disneyland," the team told CNN Travel.

Too good to be true? Only time will tell.

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