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Viersen: Liberals fail to announce metrics to safely reopen areas of federal jurisdiction

Ottawa, ON – The Conservative Party of Canada issued the following statement on the Liberal government’s border announcement:

“Today, the Liberal government once again failed to put forward metrics for safely reopening areas of federal jurisdiction. There is no reason other than politics why the Trudeau Liberals are refusing to put forward a plan. While business groups and Canadians have been calling for a plan for weeks, the Liberal government has remained silent. “This abdication of leadership from the Trudeau Liberals speaks volumes. Instead of outlining a clear plan with metrics, they would rather leave business and Canadians in the dark. It’s shameful. “Canada’s Conservatives continue to call on the Liberal government to immediately put forward what benchmarks will be used for safely lifting COVID-19 restrictions within areas of federal jurisdiction. “Canadians can’t afford more excuses from this Liberal government. Only Canada’s Conservatives are pushing for a better pandemic response. There is only one party who will secure the future for Canadians – Canada’s Conservatives."

Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen added his voice: “Constituents and small businesses across our riding are tired of waiting for a plan. Despite our neighbours to the south reopening weeks ago, the Liberals seem focused on undercutting the freedoms of Canadians and hamstringing their economic prosperity. Canada needs a government that will let them secure their freedoms and grow their businesses.”

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