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VIERSEN: Liberal $7.1 Billion Inflation Stimulus Bill Opportunity for Misspending

Ottawa, ON – Today, the House of Commons voted on Bill C-2, a $7.1 billion dollar inflation stimulus bill. This comes after experts like Phillip Cross, Statistics Canada’s former chief economic analyst, says Trudeau’s massive spending programs have led to unprecedented public debt and is “pouring fuel on the fire."

“The cost of government is ballooning the cost of living. Spending more is costing more. With Justin Trudeau’s inflation, seniors can’t afford groceries. Families can’t afford to gas their cars,” says MP Arnold Viersen. “A half-trillion dollars of deficits is competing for scarce goods and driving up costs. Simply put – spending more is costing more.”

Canada’s Conservatives supported help for Canadians who couldn’t work due to government restrictions. But we opposed the Trudeau Liberals giving COVID-19 cheques to:

  • Prisoners, organized criminals, suspected fraudsters;

  • Corporations paying bonuses and dividends to executives; and

  • People not working while the economy was open and there were half-a-million vacant jobs. “Conservatives warned the government about the abuse of CERB. Now we find out that claims for CERB was 6 TIMES the number of Covid jobless. And today there are 1 million vacant jobs that no one wants to take,” said MP Arnold Viersen. “Canada’s Conservatives are the voice of small business owners, of energy, of farming families, and of parents and seniors. We will oppose the bill unless the government commits to an independent investigation of FINTRAC’s reports of organized crime profiting from pandemic programs and avoid giving benefits to people who could be working and tax dollars to fraudsters and criminals.”

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