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VIERSEN: Emergencies Act Revoked, Mandates Continue

Barrhead, AB – Yesterday the Prime Minister of Canada announced he was revoking the Emergencies Act – less than 48 hours after voting for it in the House of Commons. The Senate was in the midst of debating the approval of the Emergencies Act today with many Senators expressing their concerns.

“On Monday, I and my colleagues voted against the Prime Minister’s alarming imposition of the Emergencies Act.” said MP Viersen. “Immediately following the vote, the CPC Leader tabled a motion to revoke the Act signed by myself and 19 of my colleagues.

“We know Prime Minister Trudeau introduced it in the first place for his personal political gain. We now see that he revoked it for the very same reason. The only thing that has changed in the course of 48 hours was a flood of concerns from Canadian citizens, bad press, and international ridicule.

The question that I will continue to ask is: when will this Liberal government put forward a plan to end the unscientific mandates and restrictions?

“The Emergencies Act now requires the establishment of a committee that will review the use of the extraordinary powers employed by the Prime Minister. Traditionally, oversight committees are chaired by the Official Opposition, however the Liberals and NDP are already trying to weaken accountability and oversight measures. They wish to give the Senate a disproportionate role on the committee and create three co-chair positions, including one for the NDP, a nod to the NDP’s supportive relationship with the Liberals.

“The Conservatives have rejected this appalling proposal and provided a viable alternative that better reflects the requirements under the law. We will ensure the Liberal and NDP face a rigorous examination of their severe government overreach and restriction of the rights of Canadians.”

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