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UCP MLAs call on Kenney to resign

Despite the premier's recent cabinet shuffle, anarchy still surrounds Premier Jason Kenney's leadership.

Recently, Tyler Shandro was switched out from being Alberta’s health minister after more than a year of heavy criticism over his handling of the portfolio. He swaps roles with former labour and immigration minister Jason Copping, who is taking over the health ministry.

“It is time for a fresh start, and a new pair of eyes on the largest department in the government, especially at a time such as this,” Kenney said.

This has done nothing to quell dissent against the party leader.

Former cabinet minister Leela Aheer stated Tuesday: “This is a failure of leadership from the premier. The only thing that should have happened today is that the premier says he had failed and is stepping down.

“We need to heal our province right now and that requires people who have failed in their leadership to step down and admit their mistakes."

“We need leadership that cares deeply about the human beings in this province.”

Moving out Shandro, Aheer said, “is an absolutely despicable move to try to save himself, to shift the blame."

“People are dying right now,” she concluded.

NDP Leader Rachel Notley said the news of Shandro’s shuffle was “welcome” but not a long-term solution.

“A cabinet shuffle will not ease the immense pressure on our hospitals from this severe fourth wave. It won’t reschedule the life-saving surgeries of thousands of Albertans. It won’t recover our economy. And it won’t help everyday families looking for leadership. Albertans deserve better.”

Per the Calgary Herald, Copping said his focus as health minister "will be on increasing hospital capacity, educating vaccine hesitant Albertans and preparing the health-care system for potential future waves of COVID-19."

“I stepped into this role, resolutely committed to building immediate capacity. However, we also know that COVID-19 is not likely to go anywhere, anytime soon,” he said.

Aheer, the MLA for Chestermere-Strathmore, was kicked out of cabinet back in July for calling on Kenney to apologize for the Sky Palace incident, where he and other ministers were photographed breaking their own restrictions.

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