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UBC graduate and Saudi activist sentenced to 5+ years in prison

A Saudi court sentenced women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul to five years and eight months in prison this Monday. Al-Hathloul is a graduate of the Universtity of British Columbia and several of her family members live in Canada.

Al-Hathloul is well-known for being involved in both the struggle for giving women the right to drive (which was lifted in May 2018, although activists still remain jailed) and the abolishment of the Islamic male guardianship system, whereby a male 'guardian' maintains control over women in many aspects of their lives (such as traveling, conducting business, or undergoing medical procedures). She has remained in prison for since her detention two years ago.

UN Human Rights tweeted denouncing the arrest, calling it "deeply troubling." "We understand early release is possible, and strongly encourage it as matter of urgency," stated the tweet.

Al-Hathloul's sister also tweeted the news concerning her sister.

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