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U.S.A. and Canada May Be Ditching Beijing Olympics Over Human Rights Record

In 2022 the Winter Olympics are set to take place in Beijing. Thursday April 1, 2021 the U.S. announced that it is seeking partners and allies in regard to decision making about attending or boycotting these specific Olympic games as there have been more calls for the U.S. to not attend.

The reasoning behind this is because of the Human Rights Record that China has recently been outed about. One of the leading factors in making people take notice has been the imprisonment of 2 Canadians, Micheal Kovrig and Micheal Spavor. This has also put pressure on Canada to boycott the games as well.

Other heinous crimes against people have occurred such as the Uyghers camps that were found in China. February 22, 2021 the Canadian parliament voted to call this a genocide, although oddly, Trudeau and his party refrained from voting on this issue,

U.S. State Department spokesperson, Ned Price, spoke about wanting the U.S. to have a coordinated approach to the decision to possibly boycott the games, however so far no conclusions have been reached.

The last time Canada and the U.S. boycotted the Olympics was when they were held in Moscow in 1980. The reason being that Russia had just invaded Afghanistan so the two countries protested the actions by not participating in the gams.

Apparently, in this instance, the Senator of Florida, Rick Scott, has been trying to persuade President Biden to reconsider a new location for the games, possibly even to the U.S. He stated, “If Biden truly stands for human rights, he will immediately begin this process by offering to host the games in the United States and providing the necessary federal resources to get this done.”

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