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"Trump Won" signs popping up at sporting events

At local sporting events, Americans aren't holding back on their support for the former President, who they claim won the 2020 election.

At Yankee Stadium last week, two men were escorted out of Yankee Stadium on Thursday — one of them apparently in handcuffs — after they hung a large pro-Donald Trump banner from the second deck.

Video and photos show the two men unveiling a “Trump Won Save America” flag on the first-base side of the stadium.

Later, someone on the deck attempted to pull down the banner. The two men subsequently appeared to be struggling over the flag with a security guard.

A Facebook video shows additional security and stadium workers, with some fans shouting for them to be removed.

One of the two men then appears to have been handcuffed as he is walked up the steps away from the seating area.

A repeat incident occurred this Tuesday at a Miami Marlins baseball game, when five people unfurled two large banners in the stadium. One banner stated former President Trump won the 2020 election, whereas the other stated that the Proud Boys "did nothing wrong."

The signs read: "Trump Won Take Back America" and "Proud Boys Did Nothing Wrong Free All Political Prisoners 1/6/21."

At least five people were removed from the stadium thereafter. According to stadium rules, banners cannot exceed 3 feet by 5 feet and cannot make statements "regarding political affiliation, social and economic matters or other statements that undermine civil liberties."

Similar incidents also occurred in Boston at Fenway Park. It remains to be seen whether this is part of a larger trend.

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