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Trudeau Uses Taxpayer Money To Advertise Genocide

Council of Newcomers Organizations (CONCO) was established in 2011 with the primary function being to support immigrants from the east coast in Canada. The organization has since become one of the most highly influential Chinese-Canadian non-political groups. It was co-founded by former liberal MP Geng Tan.

In a National Post report, it was found that Tan’s organization has been given a total of $160,000 in taxpayer funding. This decision to provide the organization with this financial support is now being brought under question.

Recently CONCO has spoken out against the Uyghur-genocide motion. A statement released was of the opinion that the motion was based on “ignorance and prejudice,” by the MP’s who brought forth the motion. The group then echoed China’s typical phrases by talking about how this could harm the relationship between China and Canada.

Previously Tan has over-shared his views of the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, claiming they were colluding with foreign powers ( governments). Even still, seven months later his organization still received $25,000 from the Canadian government for the cause of spreading awareness on elder abuse. Somehow the work of this organization has involved expressing propaganda-like public political opinions.

Take for example, Mehmet Tohti, the executive of the Uyghur rights advocacy project, who has worked to promote the rights of Uyghurs, and document how the China government has been targeting Uyghurs and natives of east Turkistan. Somehow with all of the work that this organization has put into fighting for the rights of humans, they have been overlooked by the governments wallet.

Tohti has been relying on his own finances, donations and grants from the U.S. Congress Funded National Endowment for Democracy. He expresses his confusion over the CONCO receiving such an investment from the government.

Tohti said, “It is kind of shocking. They have the freedom to express their opinion, whether they support the talking points of the communist party or not. The problem is that they cannot do that with my tax money. Why should I support with my tax dollars, their propaganda?”

This is something that should not be happening. Two organizations, one that is doing hard labor to help those unable to help themselves. The other using their plight to spout political opinions in favor of China. How is it that the human rights activists are having to scrounge and pay out of pocket for their cause?

This is all further evidence that Trudeau has lacked transparency and our voices have been drowned out by the all mighty dollar. Where is our money actually going? As Canadians, would if we had a choice as to what our taxes were used for, it would probably not be this.

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