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Trudeau dodges question about home flipping Liberal candidate

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to provide a direct answer about his candidate in Vancouver Granville, even as his party promises to introduce a tax on those who sell homes within a year of buying them if his party stays in power.

Allegations have broke concerning Taleeb Noormohamed’s extensive history of rapid-fire real estate dealings over the last two decades.

The question a reporter asked Trudeau on the campaign trail was: “Why should people…take you seriously on housing affordability, if in, what is arguably the most overheated housing market in the world, you’re running a literal house flipper?”

Trudeau did not address Noormohamed in his answer.

“Canadians have seen over the past number of years how seriously we, as a government, have taken the housing crisis,” Trudeau said. “But we know that there is much more to do. That’s why we’re moving forward with measures that will make it easier to save for a down payment and allow first time homebuyers to get into the market, particularly young families."

Noormohamed has sold at least 42 homes since 2005, flipping half of those within a year of buying them, making some 4.9 million.

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