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Trudeau Calls for "Cooperation" and Canadians to Come Together for 2022

Trudeau announced that Canadians will need to continue working together as part of the new year.

"I know that the incredible strength, determination, and compassion we have seen in our communities over the past year will keep inspiring and guiding us in the new year," he said.

The Prime Minister said this needs to happen in order to correct the "historical wrongs" of Canada's past, as well as boosting vaccination efforts remain some of the country's top priorities as 2021 turns to 2022.

"This year has been particularly difficult for Indigenous Peoples in Canada — deep wounds were reopened as we were faced with the hard truths of our past and its ongoing, tragic legacy," he said. "We must continue to tell these truths, support the process of healing that leads to reconciliation, and work together to eliminate the injustices experienced by many Indigenous Peoples."

He also spoke about climate change, particularly on the subject of British Columbia, which bore a heat wave that caused the deaths of almost 600 people in the province in June. Flooding also occurred in November.

"Drawing on the hard lessons of the past two years, we will finish the fight against this pandemic and rebuild a Canada that is stronger, fairer, and more equitable," Trudeau said.

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