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Trudeau 4 Treason: Controversial billboard evokes police investigation

Brantford police have launched an investigation after an anti-Trudeau billboard was spotted in both Brantford and Brant Counties. The billboard features an image of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sporting the fascist uniform commonly worn by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and performing what appears to be a fascist salute alongside Adolf Hitler. In large red letters, the board also states: “Trudeau 4 Treason.”

It is unclear when the billboard was first erected.

“Brantford Police Service is investigating the report of the offensive billboard at the intersection of Colborne Street and Alfred Street,” said police spokesperson Robin Matthews-Osmond. “Issues such as this are concerning due to their offensive and divisive nature."

The woman who reported the board to Brantford police, Leah Kocmarek, equally called the billboard “unacceptable.”

“I think you shouldn’t be able to depict some things,” said Kocmarek in an interview with the Simcoe Reformer. “Freedom of speech is not absolute in Canada.”

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