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Toronto men caught with bomb-making instructions, al-Qaeda literature

Kevin Omar Mohamed, previously imprisoned, was caught violating his probation downloading al-Qaeda literature, manuals on bombs and poisons, and a tract justifying the killing of women and children, according to allegations filed in court.

He was also seen meeting with Daniel Khoshnood, another former inmate who had a history of violence and whose phone contained more than 200 Taliban, ISIS and al-Qaeda videos, as well as bomb-making guides, according to the allegations.

Both were arrested as potential national security threats.

A report disclosed by Global News found that Mohammed possessed “a large amount of information that could be used to carry out a terrorist attack, including multiple bomb-making guides, and extremist ideological material.”

The Ontario Integrated National Security Enforcement Team found that Khoshnood seemed to align himself with the Taliban, using the terms “we” and “us” when he wrote about the militant group on YouTube.

“We will keep sending out suicide bombers,” he allegedly wrote. “Taliban is the true Islamic force.”

“We will die for our cause. We will never give up. People might not like us but we will force them to respect us. We are a force to be reckoned with. We are not scared of death and we are ready to take on the whole world. Islam will dominate the world which is on our prophecies.”

Mohamed’s release from prison in 2019 had raised concerns, given the fact he had traveled to Syria to join Jabhat-al-Nusrah, which the Canadian government calls “an al-Qaeda-affiliated Sunni militant Islamist group.”

After his mother and brother came looking for him and he returned to Canada after only a few weeks, he then took to social media to call for attacks in Western countries, writing “strike the kuffar [non-believers] in their homes.”

Durham Regional Police caught him coming out of the Salaheddin mosque in Toronto to meet up with Khoshnood, who was also fresh out of prison.

In 2010, Khoshnood shot a man 13 times with a pellet gun while robbing him in a park.

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