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Time to Get Keystone XL Completed

Last week the Liberal government finally approved the Bay du Nord project in Newfoundland which will be capable of producing up to 200,000 barrels of oil daily.

Arnold Viersen, Member of Parliament for Peace River – Westlock, released the following statement:

“For years, the Liberals played politics with pipelines and the energy sector. One day they support pipelines, the next day they oppose them. This leaves thousands of jobs in our northern and Indigenous communities hanging in flux.”

“While the approval of the Bay du Nord oil project is good news, the Liberals have repeatedly failed to stand up for the oil and gas sector. Workers in Canada’s energy sector have been left behind by this government which has done everything they can to landlock Alberta’s oil.”

“When President Biden revoked the permit for Keystone XL in 2021, the Liberals should have been pounding on Washington’s door every day since. Instead, when it comes to Keystone XL and Alberta oil workers, Trudeau and his cabinet have been MIA.

“The world needs Canadian oil and Albertans want to get our products to market. It’s time to make Keystone XL a national priority and get the job done.”

“Conservatives will always stand up for Canadian workers, our environment, and Canadian jobs in order to rebuild our economy and secure the future for all Canadians. We believe that the Keystone XL pipeline is integral to Indigenous self-determination and economic prosperity for Indigenous and northern communities.”

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