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The Truth About Firearm Owners

The narrative of the media, most politicians, and the general public is that licensed gun owners are accountable for most Canadian firearm crime. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Why do you even need a gun?” is a question that comes up a lot. An equally reasonable question might be “Why in the (insert expletive) is it anyone’s business what I own?”. We could ask for eternity why you actually need any of your possessions, and why you don’t just rot your life away with no enjoyment, no hobbies and be a good citizen by the authoritarian definition of what good citizenry looks like.

A lot of people are calling for stricter laws for licensed firearm owners without the understanding of the requirements, laws and regulations they already comply with.

Not to mention that no law will stop a mentally deranged person from committing homicide. Newsflash anti gunners, murder and assault is currently highly illegal. Not sure they taught you that in your screaming banshee advocacy class.

Notice I didn’t go down the path of less firearms equaling more security of the public? I skipped that part for a couple of good reasons.

Firstly, I don’t believe that leaving somebody absolutely defenseless when confronted with a life or death situation leads to more security of the person. I seriously don’t understand how you could not consider firearms a constitutional right under section 7 of the charter of rights and freedoms titled Life, Liberty and Security of the Person. But call 911 they say. Yeah, 911 works really well when you’re getting mauled by a bear.

Secondly, this is the modus operandi of the gun grabbers. They want you to buy into the argument that when there's no guns there will be no gun crime. Despite what they tell you, gun crime isn’t even close to a leading cause of death in Canada. The anti gun lobby will knowingly step over hundreds of thousands of dead bodies in Canada from things like opioid abuse, alcohol abuse, suicide, smoking and many other causes to scream in the face of a licensed, law abiding, responsible gun owner about how he or she is implicit in crime committed with a firearm.

Fact is they don’t focus on the cause of crime and violence, they focus on the tool. By their logic we should go and declaw all of our house cats to prevent wild animal attacks shouldn’t we?

Licensed firearms owners have already exemplified they are law-abiding citizens by following the law. You won’t be surprised, but criminals don't follow laws. Rules, regulations and requirements for firearms owners to remain law abiding citizens are extensive. Here's a basic rundown.

Licensed firearms owners must undergo training for 1-2 days (depending on if they want non-restricted or restricted firearms), this training covers in-detail on how to handle, store, transport and safely use your firearms.

After completing this course, they are eligible to apply for a license. Upon applying, they are background checked. If they pass this background check, they receive a license, and then undergo a process called “continuous eligibility”.

This process checks each firearms owner against a database every single day to see if anything has occurred that would mark them as a potential risk. You read that correctly, no matter what the anti firearm advocacy groups tell you in Canada gun owners are background checked on a daily basis.

When a license is obtained, firearms can be purchased, including restricted firearms if the 2 day course was taken. If a firearm is restricted it is registered when you purchase it.

If a firearm is modified to discharge cartridges rapidly it is considered illegal under Canadian law, so that covers their claim that we can turn our guns fully automatic with a belt loop. Magazine capacity is pinned 5 rounds in most rifles, and 10 in most handguns. Armor piercing or explosive rounds are also illegal.

When storing firearms, they must be trigger/cable locked, be locked in a cabinet, and have ammunition stored separately.

When transporting any restricted firearms, they must have a trigger/cable lock, and ammunition separate in a locked case. You also must have additional documentation, authorization to transport, before you can move it. Non restricted firearms must be unloaded and visible as well.

Assault weapons are not available in Canada, contrary to what is often told to us. Firearm owners are statistically safe, law-abiding citizens.

Additionally, there are important firearms associations in Canada like Canada’s National Firearms Association (or the NFA), which advocate for gun safety, and education. Associations like this have a massive following in the firearms community, and help their Canadians stay up-to-date on firearm regulation.

Despite all the great lengths that firearm owners go to in Canada, they are still attacked by politicians and the media.

The truth is that people who obtain firearms legally don’t misuse them. When the Liberal government promoted their $250 million buy-back program, there was not a decrease in gun crime, there was an increase. By the way, the total number of firearms prohibited under the Liberal gun ban is now at 9500 models, meaning up to 400,000 lawfully obtained and responsibly used firearms are on the buyback list, increasing the cost of the program to roughly $1 billion at this point.

Essentially, if you don’t hand in your once legal firearm for a fraction of the price you originally paid for it you will be a criminal once the buyback kicks in.

An article from CBC news stated, “according to police, a growing number of guns are bought legally in Canada and resold on the black market, or made here illegally”. There is no evidence of this, in fact the evidence tells the opposite story. In 2017, police seized 1740 firearms, only 148 of which were legally obtained in Canada, which is under 9%.

Our government needs to shift its focus from its legal firearm owners to those who are abusing firearms and obtaining them illegally. Instead of misappropriating billions of taxpayer dollars they should be focused on the actual criminals who are committing these crimes.

Law abiding firearms owners are exceptionally peaceful people. We should be advocating for more folks like them, not attacking and demonizing them.

Let's change the narrative. Let’s make sure that licensed firearms owners get the respect that they have earned, and that they deserve.

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