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The Trudeau government defies fourth order to release documents about the Winnipeg lab

Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Michael Chong, Conservative Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Gérard Deltell, House Leader of the Official Opposition, issued the following statement after the House adopted a fourth order requiring the Trudeau government to hand over documents regarding the transfer of dangerous viruses from the Winnipeg National Microbiology Laboratory to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the subsequent firing of two government scientists:

“Yesterday, the Speaker of the House ruled the Trudeau government in breach of three orders of the House and its Special Committee on Canada-China Relations by continuing to cover-up the Winnipeg lab breach. These orders require the government to hand over documents related to the Winnipeg lab and its work with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Trudeau government’s defiance of these orders demonstrates a complete lack of respect for Parliament and smacks of a cover-up.

“On June 2, the House adopted a motion ordering the government to hand over documents regarding the transfer of viruses from the Winnipeg lab to the Wuhan lab in March 2019 and the subsequent firing of two government scientists in January 2021. This June 2 order followed two previous orders from the Special Committee of March 31 and May 10.

“Despite these orders, the Liberals continue to defy Parliament and cover-up information about these breaches of national security. It is appalling to see just how far they will go to defy Parliament and cover up details about the Winnipeg lab and its relationship with the Wuhan lab.

“Conservatives have once again demanded the Trudeau government release the documents they are hiding from Canadians so that Parliament can get to the bottom of this and ensure these breaches of national security do not happen again. However, the Liberals continue their cover-up by voting against a motion upholding the Speaker’s ruling demanding the documents.

“Now, for the fourth time, the House has ordered the Trudeau government to hand over the documents. We expect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to comply with this lawful order.

“It’s time the Liberals end their cover-up. It’s time for the Liberals to release these documents and be transparent with Canadians. Canadians deserve to know the truth about what happened at the Winnipeg lab and the breaches of national security. Canada’s Conservatives are fighting to protect our national security.

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