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The Patriotic Dad: The evil intentions behind the firearms OIC

The gun debate continues in the country of Canada. Gun control is statistically the dumbest thing you could focus on, but the Liberals are nevertheless moving on with it, and criminalizing millions of peaceful, law abiding Canadians while they’re at it.

While the battle rages on, we can’t lose sight of how we got here; that is, the horrible, slimy, draconian way the Trudeau government has gone about disarming Canadians.

Through an Order in Council [OIC], the Liberals circumvented the entire legislative process, avoided debate from the opposition that might expose the ban for what it is and pushed this gun ban down our throats. This OIC is an evergreen gun ban: one that can be updated at any moment in time and can potentially turn you into a criminal for possessing your responsibly used and legally obtained firearms overnight.

Licensed Canadian firearms owners are 0% of the problem in society. The government has made legal firearms owners the center of the entire conversation. They are on the verge of spending hundreds of millions of dollars to take away your legally obtained property while ignoring illegal Firearms and gang violence.

Now consider this. If the Liberals choose to do so, they can update the OIC to outlaw all firearms that exist. And there's no reason why they wouldn't. Once they’ve banned all the scary stuff, they’ll soon realize that there are thousands of other models that are functionally the same as the banned firearms only less frightening looking. They can stretch the logic they used back in May to encompass any type of firearm that's on the market today. Trust me, they will.

Now I've never been terribly knowledgeable about what an OIC consists however after doing some digging I came to find out that It's as simple as it sounds. Its a means for the government to subject the entire population to unfair laws, with no parliamentary oversight or debate on the matter.

OICs are traditionally used for mundane, simple government functions (like appointing people, sometimes to adjust laws or to bypass parliamentary process in an emergency.) Never for something like this. The OIC process was hijacked to slam this down our throats. The Liberals knew there'd be so much opposition that this was the only way they could pull this off. That's how they work.

In short, the Queen's Privy Council, consisting of lifetime politicians appointed by the Governor-General, form a recommendation. That recommendation is taken forward by a minister to the Governor-General who then signs it into law. Thats it. That's the process that resulted in outlawing your legally obtained, responsibly used firearms.

Now I'd love to see the names of the people within the Privy Council who brought this recommendation forward. And yet, we can't. The Liberals have claimed cabinet privilege to stop you from knowing who banned your firearms, and what information they used to support their recommendation. It’s a black hole.

Something else I'm curious about is who lobbied them to do this. I'd love to dig into that side of things; how was it made worth their while? Who’s pockets got greased to push this through? All great questions to ask, but we can't because the Liberals are hiding it from you. They've criminalized you and they're not gonna tell you why. You just need to shut up And comply.

The way this was handled should completely upset every single Canadian who cares about fairness, integrity and honesty. You don't need to be a firearms supporter to think this is awful.

Disgustingly, Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair jumped on the opportunity to leverage the mass shooting in Nova Scotia—where a homicidal maniac killed people with illegal firearms. They did all of this in the name of this tragedy. Tell me, how will attacking licensed firearms owners prevent a similar event in the future?

I’m not sure they could be any slimier.

I‘m sure the Liberals sometime in the nearby future will stoop even lower than this, even though it seems impossible.

This gun ban won't save a single Canadian life, nor will it reduce violence in any way shape or form. It will only embolden the leftists who want to take your rights away from you. That is why every Canadian should be against this gun ban.

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