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The North Face presented with 'mock award ceremony' by Colorado Oil and Gas

The North Face is being celebrated by the very industry it snubbed.

After the Colorado-based company The North Face rejected an order for 400 jackets from a Texas oil and gas company because it reportedly didn’t want to be associated with an industry that doesn’t meet its brand standards, the Colorado Oil and Gas Association decided to reply in jest.

Almost every product sold by company are made of petroleum products, including polyester and polyurethane. Consequently, the Colorado Oil and Gas Association gave the clothing company its first-ever “Extraordinary Customer Award,” thanking the North Face for their use of oil and gas.

On top of this, it should be noted that its parent company, VF Corporation, is also hypocritically building a hangar at Centennial Airport for a private jet fleet.

“To have such a large percent of what they make, probably three-quarters of the mass they ship, is actually our product. So, it’s hard to top the all-in nature of The North Face as a consumer of our product,” said Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services.

Dan Haley, President of Colorado Oil and Gas, also chimed in. “I think too often we think of oil and natural gas as just as fuels — something to put in our cars or heat or cool our homes,” said Haley. “And, as we’ve seen in recent weeks across the country that is hugely important part of what our industry – supplying affordable and efficient clean-burning natural gas to heat our homes and help power our grid – but we often forget just how many other things we have and enjoy in the 21st Century that are made possible because of oil and natural gas.”

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