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The Edmonton Elks - what do you think, football fans?

Sports reporter Terry Jones is claiming that the Edmonton Football Team has finally selected a new name for the franchise: the Elks.

Beginning in November, the Edmonton Football Team received almost 15,000 name suggestions for the team formerly known as the Edmonton Eskimos. The word 'Eskimos' after some claimed it promoted racist stereotypes. Fans were then asked to rank the seven names from best to worst, having had until Sunday to do so.

"We asked the public to join us in EE NameTime, a call out to help us find the best name for our beloved team. We’ve had THOUSANDS of submissions from all over the world," read the EE report. "This final call to provide input will give you a chance to review the painstakingly drafted shortlist of 7 names that best fit the naming criteria. This will help us rank the best of the best. Rank them from your favorite to least favorite, as you prefer them. The final ranking will be evaluated for next steps in the name selection process."

Jones conversely claims that the name 'Elks' has been settled for sometime. "I have previously expressed my belief Edmonton EE settled on the name Elk some time ago and the rest has been a dog and pony show to make it feel like the best of many brutal options. We shall see," he wrote on Twitter.

EE President Chris Presson has said that the team will unveil its new name in early spring.

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