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Terrazzano: Politicians' vacations show Albertans need recall legislation now

CALGARY, AB: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Alberta Director, Franco Terrazzano, issued the following statement regarding elected officials traveling abroad:

“Premier Jason Kenney said he doesn’t think he can sanction elected officials for travelling abroad while families and businesses were locked down during the holidays, but voters are certainly up to the job. Albertans deserve the right to hold politicians accountable and that’s why we need recall legislation now.

“Kenney promised recall legislation when he was vying for votes during the 2019 campaign and he promised recall legislation again during last February’s throne speech, but he has yet to deliver on those promises.

“Albertans should always have the right to fire politicians when they misbehave whether they raise taxes in the middle of a pandemic, waste taxpayers’ money or fail to follow the advice given to others.”

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