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Ten Alberta churches vandalized on Canada Day

Ten churches were vandalized in Alberta in attacks that police have linked to anger over historic injustices against indigenous people.

The premier of Alberta described the attacks were "appalling". Alberta's Premier Jason Kenney, said on Thursday one of the vandalised locations was an African Evangelical Church in the city of Calgary.

He said its congregation was made up entirely of former refugees who fled countries where churches are often vandalised and burned down.

"These folks came to Canada with the hope that they could practise their faith peacefully," tweeted Mr Kenney, a Conservative. "Some of them are traumatised by such attacks.

"This is where hatred based on collective guilt for historic injustices leads us. Let's seek unity, respect & reconciliation instead." Calgary Police reported that "the locations vandalised are all part of the Christian faith".

One of the places of worship had a window smashed so paint could also be thrown inside, they said.

The police statement said the paint was daubed in handprints and included the number "215", which investigators are linking to "very dark part of our history" - Canada's residential school system. Although Calgary police said it was seeking to address "reconciliation effort" and "generational trauma," it affirmed that "vandalism like this is not just illegal - it serves to create further division, fear and destruction in our city."

Statues of Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II were also pulled down by angry protestors yesterday in Winnipeg.

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