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Sylvan Lake coach runs for councillor

Sylvan Lake basketball/football coach Teej Johannesson is running for the position of a city councillor in his town.

“My motivation for running comes down to one thing, and that’s my love, appreciation, and incredible gratitude I have for what the Town of Sylvan Lake has given me and my wife,” shared Johannesson in an interview with Sylvan Lake News.

Having been a coach for 12 years, Johannesson noted that “My background is that of a basketball and football coach, a mentor, and a leader. I am also a personal trainer and health coach, with a fiery passion to help people. I am a leader, a visionary, and a person with immense empathy, understanding, patience, and a big heart. I want to serve, and give back to this amazing community that we all call home.”

Johannesson added that: “My favorite thing to do is make kids feel valued, to make them feel important. My reasons for running for Town Council are not different than my reasons for coaching, I simply want to give back, and do it to the absolute best of my abilities.”

“If chosen, I hope to be a voice for all of Sylvan Lake, with a special interest in the youth, and young families that call this town home. My wife ( a teacher at HJ Cody) and I have a deep connection, and unique perspective with the youth of our community. I want to make Sylvan Lake a place people can’t wait to tell others about. I want the youth of our community to feel heard, and valued," he went on.

“One thing I am advocating for is a turf sports field to stimulate our local economy. Currently, Sylvan (Lake) cannot host any major football, soccer, rugby, field hockey, or other field sport tournaments or events. These events would bring hundreds, even thousands of people to our town. This not only means people are spending money here, but they are seeing what we have to offer and will want to come back. Sylvan Lake is the perfect place to host major events and we need to build it, so they will come!”

Johannesson told Sylvan Lake News that the city council requires "younger representation, different perspectives, and a new vision." He said: “Sylvan Lake is a young community, with ever changing and growing needs, and I believe I am the perfect person to meet these challenges."

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