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Speaker of the House stands up to Trudeau and Liberal government intimidation tactics

Speaker of the House Anthony Rota [LPC - Nipissing—Timiskaming] stood up to Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government, writing: "...I will oppose the Attorney General's application take the position that Federal Court has no jurisdiction to restrict the House's power..." Rota was appointed to the position in 2015 and was first elected to his riding in 2004.

Shadow Minister for Indigenous-Crown Relations Jamie Schmale [CPC - Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock] additionally took to Facebook to add his opinion on the matter as well.

"The House of Commons and its committee ordered the Trudeau government, four separate times, to hand over documents related to breaches at its Winnipeg lab," he began.

"These orders come from powers granted to the House of Commons under Section 18 of the Constitution Act, 1867.

On June 16th, House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota ruled on this matter.

His ruling made clear that Section 18 of the Constitution Act, 1867 gives the House of Commons the power to order the government to hand over the Winnipeg lab documents.

The government has disobeyed these four orders, and is now going to extraordinary lengths to cover things up by going to the Federal Court to prevent the release of the documents.

The Trudeau government’s decision to use Canada’s judicial system to defy four House of Commons orders undermines judicial independence, the rule of law and our parliamentary democracy.

This should concern every Canadian."

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