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"Safety Concerns" See CTV Logos Removed from Vehicle

A CTV reporter tweeted the moment CTV logos were removed from a work vehicle, noting that safety was the cause for the removal.

Jeremy Thompson of CTV News Edmonton stated: “I am proud of the excellent and vital work we do, perhaps more important now than ever. I’m proud to represent that in public, but it’s just not safe right now.”

Many journalists reacted from fellow news stations reacted with anger.

"This is heartbreaking," said Reggie Cecchini of Global News.

"Wow, so it's come to this," added broadcaster Lynda Steele. André Picard of the Globe and Mail wrote: "#PandemicJournalism".

Kim MacDonald of the Weather Network added that her stomach was churning at the sight of journalism having to 'go underground'.

Kaleigh Rogers of American outlet FiveThirtyEight added: "I guess all this talk about "freedom" doesn't include freedom of the press. a sad state of affairs."

Many were sympathetic. Tom Ross of City News Calgary wrote that "...unfortunately many of my colleagues with other outlets in Calgary have had to do the same. And I'll tell you, there's a certain anxiety now when I drive in our marked vehicle and somebody pulls up slowly next to me."

Another added: "A sad sign of our toxic times when the importance of independent reporting – and of investigative journalism – has never been greater. We need more news and less opinion in the media (and less opinion disguised as news). Stop mindless abuse of journos + more considerate respect."

The Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) alleges that the “Freedom Convoy 2022" has led to an increase in threats of violence and harassment towards journalists. However, there is no proof of this allegation.

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