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Ryan Jespersen fired from 630 CHED over controversial 'chimpanzee' comments

Disgraced radio host Ryan Jespersen was fired Friday from his position at 630 CHED, following his 'chimpanzee' comments towards the staff of Edmonton City Councillor Mike Nickel. Jespersen was the host of his show on 630 CHED for almost six years after leaving CityTv Edmonton's Breakfast Television in 2014. He has since officially been removed from the company website.

Jespersen has only reached out to Postmedia for comment on his controversial remark. He said that he plans to make an official statement in the next few days regarding his actions.

Jespersen's dispute with Mike Nickel over comments the radio show host said regarding city staff rightfully warranted his dismissal. Nickel said on Twitter he took issue with his team being called chimpanzees on the show.

Nickel went on to state that "It is no secret that Mr. Jespersen does not like me, and I do not like Mr. Jespersen. I find him rude, and I find him to be a troll." Shortly after, Nickel added that those comments are his personal opinion and he is okay stating that publicly even if it provokes attacks against him.

"You can call me chimpanzee all you want, I don't care, but you do not get to go after my staff," Nickel said in a video posted to Twitter on Saturday. "You do not get to call them names, you do not get to make them feel intimidated, or try to intimidate them for working for me. Mr. Jespersen, your behavior is unacceptable and abhorrent."

Earlier in September, Nickel stated on Twitter, "wipe the foam off your mouth and smarten up. We have visible minorities on our staff, and with what's going on in the world today, your words are extra tone-deaf."

Jon Dziadyk, councillor to Ward 5, spoke with us briefly on the matter, stating, "I didn't get a chance to listen to his show much, but I enjoyed being a guest on it a few times. I wish him luck in his next venture."

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