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Rumour: Trump to establish news network to compete with Fox if he should lose the election

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The Trump-Fox symbiotic relationship has long been on the ropes.

Wednesday night, supporters of the President amassed outside a ballot-counting facility in contested Maricopa County, chanting, "Fox News sucks!"

Although much of this anger stems from the fact that Fox called Arizona for Democratic nominee Joe Biden on election night—despite the fact that, as of Friday, not all ballots have been counted and the race appears to be tight—this dissatisfaction with the United States' major right-leaning network is far from a new phenomenon.

During the first Presidential debate, Fox moderator Chris Wallace was accused of bias by the Trump campaign team for not allowing Trump to talk at length and for laughing at Biden's remarks made against the President.

On a subsequent interview with Sean Hannity, Donald Trump Jr. remarked, "We knew that was coming anyway with a Chris Wallace. I understand he's a Fox guy, but he's no conservative, and he's no centrist either. That's sort of the nature of this game and I think that's why my father has to play it that way." Hannity did not defend his colleague and appeared to agree with Trump.

As Trump strategizes how to respond to his narrowing chances at winning the election without proper litigation, some sources claim that the President is planning on founding his own cable news network to oppose Fox.

Sources friendly to the President also accuse the Murdoch family of being complicit in an election steal.

Whatever the case may be, the next two months will be crucial for the President as he challenges the results in states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Nevada. If he should be unsuccessful, 'Trump TV' may very well become a reality—and a new means of channeling support for populist-style conservatism.

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