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Quebec needs to address it's own Environmental issues with Dumping Raw Sewage into the Ocean

Last week, MP for Fort McMurry-Cold Lake David Yurdiga attacked the unfair label of Alberta energy as 'dirty' by Liberals.

"Mr. Speaker, for too long, Alberta's ethical oil and gas sector has been mislabeled as being dirty, and has been singled out as the only sector contributing to climate change and environmental impacts, while foreign oil and gas gets a free pass," Yurdiga began.

"Critics claim we need to put an end to Alberta oil and gas while ignoring the reality that more harm is done to the environment by polluting the water we drink, and contaminating the fish and lobster we consume. Dozens of municipalities across Canada, such as Montreal and Quebec City continue to dump raw sewage and untreated wastewater into our nation's waterways," he proceeded.

Concluding, Yurdiga said: "It is time we get serious about protecting the environment, by protecting our waterways and stopping this outdated practice of dumping human waste into the ecosystem. Let's stop the cycle of abuse."

Conservative reactions were largely positive. "Well said David. Thank you for explaining the hypocrisy. The BC government also allows raw sewage dumping," wrote one commenter. "So true and well said! Why aren't our environmentalists talking about this including David [Suzuki]?" wrote another.

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