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Quebec MP to ‘step aside’ after urinating on camera

The same Liberal MP who was made headlines around the world by being caught naked on camera during a virtual House of Commons session just over a month ago is facing controversy - again.

At the time, Amos said he was changing his clothes after a jog and did not realize his laptop camera was turned on. Bloc Quebecois MP Sebastien Lemire, who screenshot the incident, apologized for capturing the moment.

This time around, William Amos is now apologizing for urinating “without realizing I was on camera." The statement was released yesterday.

The Pontiac MP announced that he would be “stepping aside temporarily” from his position as parliamentary secretary to Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne “so that I can seek assistance."

“I am deeply embarrassed by my actions and the distress they may have caused anybody who witnessed them,” he said.

Few people are buying the "accident" claim the second time around.

"If it was an accident the second time too why would he be stepping away to "seek assistance? Seeking assistance to find the mute button?," wrote one commenter. "Once might be an accident, but twice is a fetish. If a man wins the lottery once he is congratulated. If he wins the lottery twice he is investigated. There are limits to coincidence," wrote another. "He's getting off on this," a final commenter concluded.

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