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Public Safety Minister Claims He Failed To Keep Firearms Away From Extremists

Bill Blair, Public Safety Minister, “confessed” about who has been allowed to obtain gun licenses in our country and who is allowing this to happen. Blair openly stated that Trudeau's liberal party, with full knowledge and authority, has been granting firearm licenses to extremists throughout Canada. This means that it is legal for extremists to purchase firearms. The real question still remains, who is he calling an extremist?

Blair was quoted saying, “Not every person who’s in the gun lobby is an extremist, but everybody who’s extremist is in the gun lobby.”

So according to Blair a high portion of gun owners are extremists. This is the epitome of ridiculousness. In the beginning of February 2021, Bill C-21 was introduced which included a ban on paintball and airsoft guns prohibiting the sale or import of them in Canada.

Let me just remind you that these recreational firearms are typically used by kids, teens, and adults who just want to have fun. Safety precautions such as pads and shelters are available and typically used when it comes to a round of paintball as well. But now these activities will be extremely limited.

Highly skilled, knowledgeable, law abiding gun owners make up a larger portion of the population in Canada than those who possess a firearm to do harm. By lumping all gun owners together as extremists, regardless of age or level of responsible gun ownership, is dangerous. This sends a massively unfair message about a culture and way of life to an already dwindling group.

TBT was able to talk with Jordan Vandenhoff of the NFA who gave his two cents. “The bigger problem is they don’t have the resources. They don’t have the money and they don’t have the knowledge, being Bill Blair, to really go after the true problem… they say they’re going to throw a lot of money at the CBSA and build this whole program and they’re going to try to combat the illegal smuggling, and I hope they do.”

“The easiest and most cost effective route is to go after the licensed firearms owners. Why? Because they’re all proven law abiding, and like Bill Blair said in an earlier statement way back when this all started… ``We believe that all licensed firearms owners will comply with our laws’.”

In discussing what the real issues are that need to be addressed Vandenhoff had this to add. “The licensed firearms owners are not the problem. The .0001% of a licensed firearm owner that became a problem, it’s a very very small number compared to how many drunk drivers there are, how many mal-practice doctors overdosing on anesthesia during surgery that the patients die, the opioid crisis that they are not attacking. There’s many different ways in Canada that they could do to save peoples lives and they are going after a very small targeted number.”

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