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Poilievre Visits Montreal Restaurant That Opposed Vaccine Mandates

Pierre Poilievre, the frontrunner for the Tory leadership, is set to visit the Casa Grecque restaurant in Montreal. A website advertised on Poilievre's Facebook page states that he will be there on Monday and includes a banner that invites people to "meet Pierre Poilievre, candidate for prime minister."

The eatery is the center of a Greek community that planned ways to oppose Quebec's vaccine mandate during the summer of 2021.

Ultimately, the debacle led to physical threats, an online boycott of the restaurant, and an atmosphere so tense that even local priests were reluctant to touch the subject of vaccines at the time.

Peter Chiotis, the franchise owner, promoted the event on his Facebook page. Chiotis proudly supported the Freedom Convoy that occured in Ottawa's downtown core for three weeks.

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