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Poilievre: Trudeau has become Canada's first NDP prime minister

“Well, there is an NDP cabinet minister, and his name is Justin Trudeau,” Poilievre said of the incumbent PM. “Let’s face it, he is an NDP prime minister. He is so out of touch with the traditional Liberal approach of the Chretien-Martin era.”

Poilievre pointed to the promises of increased spending and higher taxes and proof the Liberals have fully taken on the NDP platform and no longer back the fiscal prudence the Liberal Party was once known for.

“Now we have the most radical and extreme economic agenda maybe ever in Canadian history,” Poilievre said.

The agreement between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh outlines plans for a massive universal prescription drug plan with the federal government as the central purchaser of all drugs. Canadians spend roughly $36 billion per year on prescription drugs with costs rising each year.

“Right now, if interest rates go up even one percentage point, it’s an extra $12 billion in expense,” Poilievre said.

Poilievre said this agreement is proof that the Liberals have abandoned what he calls “Common Sense Voters.”

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