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Poilievre Roasts the Liberal Government over reckless spending

During the meeting of Parliament today, Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre launched into an attack on the federal government for reckless spending amid attempts to pass a new budget.

"During the great Global Recession, the Harper government refused to fund spending through money printing at the Bank of Canada," Poilievre began. We [consequently] had better growth than the US, the other G7 countries, and the average advanced economy. Now, we're [doing the opposite] through money printing, leading to the worst economic growth of any government since the Great Depression and now, we're seeing inflation. Food, fuel and housing prices are skyrocketing. Why is this govt. imposing an inflation tax in the middle of a pandemic crisis?"

Sean Fraser, Parliamentary Secretary for Middle Class Prosperity responded, asking Poilievre why the Conservatives are refusing to acknowledge why the government should be present for Canadians during their time of need.

Poilievre didn't relent. "It [the government] has been standing right their with its hands in their pockets. As they walk down the grocery aisle, this inflation tax is raising the price of meat by 5-7%.Vegetables by 5-7%. Real estate is up 40%. Great news if you own a mansion, not so if you're a working class renter struggling towards the dream of home ownership."

Fraser responded by citing the example of CERB and the Canada Child Benefit as examples of supporting ordinary Canadians.

"Is this guy out of touch? He'd better take a drive to Riverside South, where working class families are outbid trying to buy a house 9 times by 400 thousand dollars over asking price. Working-class people can't afford a house, and he says we'll send you a two thousand dollar cheque? People can't find places to live and afford food, why is this government imposing an inflation tax?"

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