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Poilievre Destroys Trudeau's Responses During Questioning Period on Financial Planning

MP Pierre Poilievre went toe-to-toe with Prime Minister Trudeau and said what everyone was thinking.

The video on his social media was captioned with, “Trudeau’s thought bubble: “What good are budgets if they don’t balance themselves? Just get rid of them altogether.”

The clip posted under the caption begins with Poilievre bringing up the fact that Trudeau “brags” about having “big fat government programs.” He then contrasts this thinking pattern by discussing that Trudeau should have focused more so on “smart, results oriented programs”.

As Poilievre points out that we currently have the “highest unemployment rate in the G7. The worst vaccination rate in the G7,” and out of 15 places Canada came in 11th place on the Covid misery index. After these statements Poilievre wanted to know, “Why did he spend so much to achieve such miserable results for the health and livelihoods of Canadians?”

Truedeau then rose from his seat, meaninglessly corrected Poilievre by reminding him that Japan is part of G7. He then reads off of a paper without hardly looking up while spouting all the good his government has done during the pandemic. Saving millions of jobs, providing support to millions of families, provided cerb, flexible E.I., rent support, etc.

The PM then goes on to delve into his recovery plan. “When we turn to recovery we will regain the jobs lost by making targeted investments including training and in creating jobs. We knew the best way through this pandemic was to be there for Canadian’s and that’s exactly what we did.”

This response was certainly not enough for Poilievre who quickly got to his feet and began by congratulating the Prime Minister on knowing that Japan is in the G7. He goes on to compare that even Japan has had better results and reframes his previous stats, followed by a blow of a question. “Why does the Prime Minister judge his success simply by how expensive he can be not by how many lives he can save?”

Trudeau’s response was most certainly lacking. He immediately delves into more words on a piece of paper, the same words that he has gushed for the last year. How this year has been hard for Canadians, we need to be there for eachother, and the government has the backs of Canadians. He discusses the online tools and resources and proudly brings up, “We’re all in this together” which “provided Canadians with confidential support.” He concluded by stating that his government would be there for Canadians.

This is it. Poilievre nearly could not wait before standing up and frustratedly stating, “What was that?! Is he really going to expect us to believe that when I ask him about having the worst vaccination rates, the worst jobless rate, among the highest misery rate during covid; the best he can do is stand up and read some talking points that were written for him by his bureaucrats? Why can’t he show a little bit of contrition, for his failures? This Prime Minister has cost the most to achieve the worst results, and what he expects us now to do is just to continue down this failed path.”

To wrap up the clip Poilievre leaves the PM with this thought, “If the Prime Minister wants the confidence of Canadians will he tell them what he will do to change the failures he has delivered thus far?”

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