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Poilievre Coming Out Ahead in Opposition Leadership Role

Pierre Poilievre is proving to be the kind of leader needed in the Conservative Party of Canada. With elections around the corner, the politician is working the crowd with the messages Canadians want (and need) to hear.

Poilievre’s latest campaign ad fuses realistic goals with the optimistic outlook that the country so desperately longs for. The ad offers a simple yet un-reductionist explanation of how deficit spending is harmful to regular citizens of the nation - in that it will make everyday items and costs more expensive. Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, and even opposition leader Erin O’Toole are not promising a balanced budget within the next ten years.

After the balanced budget era, politicians like Poilievre are searching for the right way to move Canada’s economy forward.

The recent ad outlined what the CPC doesn’t always put into fine detail.

Poilievre is one politician who discusses the Liberal’s deficit of billions and the climbing inflation rates. As Canadians face a higher cost of living, the Liberal government has the opportunity to dole out “support” to struggling Canadians, taking credit for recuperation endeavours for financial loss attributed to the pandemic.

As the former CPC Finance Critic, Poilievre understands the dangers of large deficit budgets and advises the parties against overspending. “Pierre Poilievre: Fighting for You” reads the main message of the campaign. He speaks about rising prices for homes, gas, and food. “No wonder we’re spending more and making less. We had to spend during the pandemic, But Trudeau’s plan to borrow forever means inflation and bankruptcy. Instead, let’s become the best place for businesses to build, hire, and make stuff here in Canada. Make more, cost less. Paychecks, not debt.” A strong, straightforward, and relatable message for many hardworking residents who have struggled since March 2020.

The ad has people wondering whether the politician has his sights set on higher achievements. Despite O’Toole losing in the federal election polls, Poilievre seems to be ahead and potentially campaigning for the top spot. Could a new face of leadership be in the Conservative party’s future?

From a marketing perspective, Poilievre has everything the Conservative party needs. He’s a mix of financial realism with quality-of-life optimism. His ad avoids what 30-second political ads often accomplish, which is slandering criticism of current power-holders and negativity. Poilievre offers the “Made in Canada” stamp of nationalism some go gaga for. He gets his branded message of home-grown economic recuperation across without attacking O’Toole and Trudeau.

A new CPC leader? Only the polls can judge.

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