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Poilievre attacks NDP-Liberal unholy "marriage"

Pierre Poilievre, MP for Carleton, issued a statement in light of reports that Prime Minister Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are in talks to form a three-year coalition.

"Justin Trudeau hasn't even had a caucus meeting, yet is having secret coalition meetings with Jagmeet Singh that will cost Canadians billions of dollars when they follow through on the NDP's election promises."

He goes on: "During the campaign, Canada's conservatives warned that the Liberals and the NDP had the same high tax, high spending agenda. At a time when inflation is at a near twenty-year high, this means that the cost of living will only be more expensive with the cost of gas, groceries and housing going up for Canadians."

"Trudeau and Singh need to come clean and tell Canadians what has been agreed to between the two parties, and how much of the NDP platform Justin Trudeau has agreed to implement. Together, these two parties will continue to drive our country further into debt, increase spending and fail to fix the cost of living crisis in Canada."

"Canada's Conservatives will keep fighting liberal inflation with policies allowing Canada to make more and cost less, with paychecks, not debt."

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