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Poilievre Attacks Liberals on 'Green Hypocrisy'

"Liberals claim they are replacing oil and gas with new "green jobs". Yet, the lithium for electric cars comes not from Canada, but from polluting foreign countries with no paychecks for Canadians. Foreign polluters win. Canadian workers lose," wrote Finance critic Poilievre on Twitter earlier.

This is far from the first time the Liberals have been attacked for their volteface on green issues.

Concerning Bill C-269, an "Act to Amend the Fisheries Act," former Conservative leader Andrew Scheer previously attacked the Liberals over their openness to dumping sewage into waterways despite their socalled green agenda . "The very first thing that this PM did when it came to the environment was to grant permission to city of Montreal to dump millions of liters of sewage in the St. Lawrence," Scheer began. "The hypocrisy was astounding. The PM was successful on portraying himself as someone serous about the environment - yet, he allowed Montreal to, instead of treating wastewater, dump it in full into a vital water artery.

The current infrastructure minister [Catherine McKenna] was the environmental minister at the time, and she was directly involved in granting that permission, despite having created the illusion that she was a real-life Captain Planet. That's the background on why I've brought forward this bill today. I don't need the full 15 minutes to talk about it."

Scheer went on to describe what the bill would amend. "Under current legislation, there are laws that protect our water systems and fish habitat. My bill amends the fisheries act to define raw sewage as a deleterious substance; as any kind of substance that would harm fish habitants and would be consequently prohibited from going into our waterways. Presently, the government is empowered to issue permits to municipalities who need to emit substances into our waters,.

My bill, in addition to defining raw sewage as a deleterious substance, would also amend sections of the Fisheries Act authorizing the govt to issue permissions to cities, excluding raw sewage from the list of things that can be exempted. In essence, future governments will not be allowed to grant permission to dump sewage. It's a very short bill and I hope to get all parties to support it, including Liberal backbenchers frustrated with their own party's record, all talk and no action. Remember the billion trees promise? Not a single tree has been planted."

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