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Palestine rally devolves into radical Anti-Semitic violence in Canada

Violence erupted in Canadian cities such as Toronto and Montreal as pro-Israel protestors faced violence by Palestinian activists.

One anonymous protester, a photographer set to record the Toronto event, reached out to the Buffalo Tribune to describe the chaos:

"There were less than 50 Jewish people protesting; police utterly failed to protect us. We were caught up in a bottleneck. As soon as provocateurs showed up, they torched the Israeli flag. Once they saw that there were no cops protecting us, they began an assault. Some of our people are still recuperating, in hospital making sure they don’t have serious damage. You have Jews who are attacked in a manner similar to a pogrom."

"We now have implemented patrols in Jewish areas since yesterday evening. In areas such as York, where's a sizeable Jewish population, we have guards protecting passerby; this includes the Shomrim (a neighborhood watch group) to combat anti-Semitic attacks, but also volunteers."

"The police screwed up big time. They didn't protect anyone from the beginning; during the bottleneck, they actually hit one of our own guys who didn’t do anything. They should've protected the Jewish community much better."

In Toronto, where approximately 5,000 people, gathered to march from Queen’s Park through multiple streets in the downtown area, two officers actually received minor injuries including one being bitten.

Perpetrators were a Tarik Khaled Elzaabalawi,, of Mississauga, was charged with two counts of assaulting a peace Officer; and Hamza Alkiswany, of Thornhill, who is charged with assault.

Police are continuing to investigate this event and have been clear that organizers and attendees of events are subject to enforcement and that charges can be laid in the days following events.

Concerning the separate assault of an elderly Jewish man seen above, the Toronto Police is reaching out to ask for additional information, including images or videos. The Service will provide an update as soon as possible.

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