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P.E.I. wears Vax Pass shirt and goes viral on social media

Jason Doucette of Stratford, PEI, says his Facebook blew up after he posted an image of himself wearing a shirt with his Vax Pass on it. The shirt shows his name and when he got his two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

He said he got the idea when he was on his phone trying to get the pass online.

"I said, you know, 'what am I going to do here? Am I going to laminate it? Am I going to have a screenshot in my photo album?,'" Doucette said. "Then I said, 'wouldn't it be funny if I put that on a T-shirt?'" 'These are something I made for my own, because that's sometimes what I do,' Doucette said. "I took a screenshot and sent it to a guy that I know ... I said 'hey, can you put this on a shirt for me.' He said, 'absolutely.' And he did, and that was it."

Though he got the shirt as a joke, Doucette said he plans to start wearing it in public. He said he's just trying to joke around to alleviate some of the seriousness of the response towards COVID>

"We have to entertain ourselves or you can go to some pretty dark places in these times," he said.

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