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Ottawa Public Health tells Canadians to "stay home" and masturbate instead

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The following bizarre tweet was posted in the morning on July 30 by the Ottawa Public Health team.

The message sent by the account @OttawaHealth reads as follows:

“Some people call Ottawa the city that fun forgot," it begins.

"Well, joke's on them, because your public health unit is telling you that masturbation is a safe and FUN activity to do at home Who's not fun now, eh? *looking at you, Cleveland."

"Please stay indoors and masturbate citizen - thank you for the fun times Ottawa, sounds like a great place to live," wrote one angry commenter, dripping with sarcasm.

Comments were filled with derisive remarks against the unusual request. "Ah yes, the decay of the first world," wrote one. "What the ____ is up with Canada?," joked another. "I ___ hate this city, ____ hell," chimed in another.

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