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Opinion: Trudeau is the cottage coward using tyranny to control Canada

In May of 2020, Prime Minister Trudeau made an announcement detailing additional support that he was going to provide to Canadian businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of this update he urges all Canadians to shop local and support these same businesses even if that only means buying a Canadian block of cheese. Although this is a fantastic idea (so original Mr. PM), our economy and our mental states would have been a lot better off had we seen a few things from you since being elected.

First, how about supporting the Canadian oil and gas sector? If it’s so terrible for the environment then why spend even more money to purchase it across the big blue in Saudi, Arabia? There was literally no need to shut down a large portion of one of Canada’s largest industries. The way you showed support to Canadians oil and gas Employees and their families was to take away their livelihood.

You could have worked with what you had and attempted to improve the practices of this sector to meet your more environmentally friendly checklist. Instead you single handedly raised fuel costs, put hundreds of thousands into unemployment (taking more from taxpayers and earning less for the economy) and betrayed Canada by purchasing from elsewhere.

After this shining accomplishment, for some reason, you decided to purchase the massive Trans Mountain pipeline to a ringing amount of $4.8 billion dollars simply to rebuild and provide jobs to an industry that had already been booming previous to your election. The Trans Mountain pipeline was set to be a failure from the beginning was set to be a failure as you purchased it without a plan, without consulting the would-be affected communities and without having any deals made.

To add insult to injury, instead of focusing on your country you opened up the border and allowed in an extreme number of immigrants to the country. Had our own people been well off, had our systems been stable, had our supports been well established, we may have welcomed this act of chivalry. Unfortunately things such as our military men and women not receiving proper support, our elderly barely scraping by after contributing to our country for the majority of their lives, certain medications not being available at an affordable cost to those who need them, inflation taking over the country with rage and more and more families living in poverty each year you decided to support outside of Canada. I could go on, but I believe the point has been made. No wonder this idea was not met warmly.

Furthering the trust issues between our country and yourself was the incident of allowing Chinese military to train on Canadian soil in 2020. Although they were taking part in cold weather training, how does it bode well to have the military of another country training in what should be our safe zone. Learning about Canadian terrain, learning how we manage the cold, essentially giving them our secrets.

Jumping ahead to now, a year of dealing with COVID, having multiple lockdowns, money flowing like honey from taxpayers pockets to fund these lockdowns, and several businesses have had to close their doors. Instead of seeking out information, such as Florida remaining open throughout the year even without vaccines. There state is full of seniors that are extremely vulnerable to this virus, yet they are no better or worse then places in the world that have chosen to lock down. In fact they might be better, their citizens are not battling with near as much depression and anxiety. But do you even want to hear that?

You say that you have done so much for Canadians during this time, but most of what you have done would not be necessary, would not have needed to put our economy in further jeopardy, had you listened to facts and research.

What about the carbon tax? Canadians are suffering, barely able to afford groceries and your first thought is to make them pay more for everyday needs such as gas for our cars, lights and heat for our homes.

This, this is what you have done for Canada? I think you need to listen to your own speech Mr. PM.

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