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Opinion: The NDP openly supports unethical and criminal Liberal politics

Updated: October 15

On October 6th, the New Democratic Party (NDP) voted alongside the Liberals to stonewall the investigation into the WE Charity scandal headed by the Conservatives. This act of parliamentary favouritism was not received well by many Canadians across the country, including myself.

The WE Scandal has been dodged and blocked with a constant abuse of power by the Liberals. This misconduct by the Liberals has prompted the Conservative Party to call for creating an “anti-corruption committee” to force the disclosure of the documents regarding the WE Charity. The NDP is now the type of party that openly supports the corrupt and criminal government led by Justin Trudeau.

This should be alarming for many Canadians that value fundamental principles in government, like transparency and accountability. The current leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, has taken this party in a negative direction.

Jagmeet has successfully transformed the NDP into a far-left mouth-piece with radical ideologies that accompany that realm. Jagmeet has won the hearts of numerous millennials with his empty promises on the campaign trail and ever since he assumed office in 2017. All it takes is a quick internet search to see the egregious comments and seemingly boisterous jabs made by this novice politician towards Justin Trudeau.

For a leader that portrays wanting to stick up for Canadians and do what is right, there must be something we are all missing. To me, it is a simple conclusion that any party that votes alongside another opposing party to cover up potentially criminal activity that then makes all parties involved guilty.

Jagmeet has now shown Canadians that he can be coerced into supporting another party even when that support is unwarranted. The NDP party is now offering support for Justin Trudeau while he blatantly disregards legal obligations.

In an earlier parliamentary video on Facebook, MP Pierre Poilievre remains adamant about getting a clear answer from Trudeau about the WE Scandal. Justin Trudeau states that the Conservatives and Canadians are “looking for things that aren’t there to be found.” This comment by Trudeau makes no sense at all, and I challenge him to release the WE documents unredacted if this is the case. When you look at how much information is redacted, it is not the personal privacy of data.

The reason these issues come up again is that it happens to be this type of politics the NDP is supporting. It is a simple statement, and it is that the NDP now supports unethical and criminal operations within the government of Canada.

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