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OPINION: Marxists are all they claim to oppose

Trudeau just added 5 Senators without being elected to weaken the self-determination of provinces and to bastardize democracy using his own political partisanship

executed from the top down, undermining grassroots Canadian votes.

This is designed to undermine civil rights and human rights in Conservative provinces during COVID and in the Senate; to advance the Great Reset on his clock. Remember: Trudeau signed onto the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals for one world governance by 2030.

He is trying to legitimize illegitimate Senators who were not voted in before an election, similar to how the Marxists in the United States are trying to add like-minded surrogates without allowing the free-will of the people, nor debate by trying to get rid of the filibuster or by adding seats to the Supreme Court to dominate as swing ideologues.

You cannot call yourself a democrat or liberal and support this. This is not representative democracy. This is totalitarianism.

If the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn't you leftists be jumping up and down screaming “Nazi!” and "fascism?" Double standards for hypocrites.

Notice how all these socialists are brainwashed with these backwards codes: democracy is fascism, capitalism is anarchy, BLM & Antifa-led acts of vandal, arson and murder are peaceful protest; the burning of Churches is de facto revolutionary due process and is therefore legitimate. Ideas of nationhood and nationalism are borderline Nazism.

Did it ever occur to you that Marxism promotes extreme nationalism in that political self-determination of the people is extinguished and replaced by the will of one dictator?

The left peddle backward, politically correct words which mean the opposite, almost as a form of cult indoctrination; literally twisting reality; linguistically and philosophically.

Thus, Marxists become deaf through confirmation bias; rejecting any fact or truth or reality that does not make Marxist “sense” to them.

It creates a Stockholm effect in the minds of citizens who are in an abusive relationship with their socialist globalist governments. Marxist governments are determined to mould citizens into “good little pacifists,” under the reigns of power beneath dictators

who violate democratic principles and violate their civil and human rights, and whose intent and narratives are NOT based on democratic realities.

For example, instating senators without an election is called “democracy,” twisting the meaning of words and gas-lighting libertarians and patriots; many of whom come from minority ethnic groups.

These twisted narratives and actions follow the hyperbolic trends of the last few years: constitutionalism is anarchy to Marxists; freedom is fascism to Marxists; liberty is White Supremacy to liberals and democrats.

However, they always forget that applied Marxism always tends to be racist in that it denies cultural determination in exchange for atheism, using oppressive measures on minority groups, ethnicities, religious peoples and nations. Learn your history.

Marxists don't seem to care about minority ethnic groups in Cuba who want freedom from oppression and self-determination, seeing them more as pawns on the chess board.

Even minority people who are libertarians are considered (either purposeful or not) white supremacists to socialists by implicitly supporting the existing democratic order. That's why I say: you don’t care about those these peoples' right to self-determine their freedoms.

They're ghoulish sleepwalkers chanting “freedom!” while they yearn to gobble up and destroy civil liberties in the name of civil rights and vandalize human rights in the name of human rights. They destroy democracy in the name of democracy; violate ethics in the name of ethics, until democracy, liberty and freedom all falls into a valley of the living dead. It's happened before for the 200 million who died in the name of Marxism in the last one hundred years, and over 2 billion subjugated under its autocracy today.

Marxists are following the philosophy of tyrants, and inherited their doctrines. Socialists of today are applying Marxism as a curative for democracy, but that is a logical dilemma in that democracy does not exist under Marxism. Marxism was a political parasite in the annals of history which produced wretched evils and shameful crimes against humanity, the problems of which have not been cured or rectified or reconciled in Marxist societies.

Then and now; past and present.

If socialists want to reconcile history, they should perhaps begin by reconciling the truth about their platform's authoritarian legacy today. Decolonization does not occur under Marxism, when Marxism rejects tradition and tribalism and self-determination and religion and political plurality and constitutionalism and human rights and democracy.

Marxism fails to address attempts to destroy the sovereign self-determination of indigenous and minority peoples all over the world.

Martin Luther King said: “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Following his lead, I will say that Marxism promotes a "character" based on political supremacy, one which is antithetical to decolonization and freedom and democracy.

Moreover, Marxism is historically and currently authoritarian, repressive, bigoted, xenophobic and arbitrary. For all their whining about white supremacy in Canada, Marxists should perhaps look at their own ideology first to resolve their own issues with racism and authoritarianism.

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