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Opinion: Liberals sowed moral panic on firearms through misinformation and illiberal policies

Since the Liberals announced the infamous Order in Council (O.I.C.) on May 1st, Canadian gun owners continue fighting for their right to own firearms. Yes, I said right to own firearms because I believe it is as such. Many Canadians will argue that the recent Liberal gun grab is in direct violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Number seven, under legal rights of the Canadian Charter, states, "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except by the principles of fundamental justice."

There is endless debate about what the parameters are for anyone Canadians right to security of person. I live in rural western Canada, where self-defence is a terrifying reality. When RCMP assistance is prolonged or completely moot, the anxiety homeowners feel undoubtedly intensifies. Therefore, I challenge the skeptics because this ban has profound implications for law-abiding gun owners and those without firearms. To most Canadians, the Liberal agenda appears straightforward on the surface. However, banning all 'military-style' firearms does not curb illegal gun crime, smuggling, and it would not have prevented the recent tragedy in Nova Scotia.

Number eight states, "Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure."

Gun owning Canadians also dispute that the gun grab is a direct infringement of their private property. I would argue this unreasonable seizure of legally obtained property is senseless and sets a dangerous precedent for liberal democracy. Without beating around the bush, how does targeting law-abiding Canadians minimize crime in this country? Has the government forgotten the devastation incurred by gang violence and other crimes with illegal arms? It is false that urban and sub-urban gangs are less of a threat to public safety than rural gun-owners. Mass shootings and other tragedies are not justification for moral panic and blatant political opportunism.

According to a report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service for the Department of Justice, "It is relatively easy for Canadians to acquire firearms in the United States either through an American accomplice or 'straw' purchaser or directly by themselves. (…) Firearms are smuggled into Canada through standard ports of entry and the numerous unmanned border crossings." Statistics Canada also reported in 2017 that violent crime was 21 percent of all crime. A mere 3 percent of violent crime involved a firearm. There is no data on whether illegally obtained firearms are interested, but gun smuggling across the 49th parallel is at the heart of Canada's crime.

Not only is this ban bad for firearms owners, but it is terrible for business owners. In a previous article I wrote, I mentioned that the family business K.K.S. Tactical Supplies now has roughly $75,000 worth of inventory that she cannot sell. Their merchandise cannot be returned or sold in a market where they are still legal elsewhere. All these firearms are virtually useless pieces of steel until the Liberals scramble to figure something out. The Liberals did not have a plan to mitigate the economic damage this ban has caused. Cassandra Parker is one of many business owners who jeopardized their livelihoods because of our leaders' unjustified decisions. The 'buy-back' plan announced by the Liberals was made public, but this does not help companies sitting on massive quantities of useless inventory. As a firearms owner, it pains me to see all these changes that do not aim at the root cause of gun violence.

It would appear that Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Blair have successfully convinced Canadians that law-abiding gun owners are the ones to blame. I am a law-abiding gun owner, and I feel attacked by the Liberal party and their irresponsible rhetoric. Suffice to say, rushing this through parliament could not have been more perfect for the Liberal propaganda machine. There was no data provided by the Liberals that justified the need to ban these firearms, and the data we do have does not justify this ban. Sure, some people want more safety in society but putting more restrictions on the very people that are already immensely vetted and following a strict set of guidelines is not the solution. Trudeau used public fear to drive their agenda, and COVID was the cherry on top that allowed them to do so without public scrutiny.

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